Flavia Lazzarini feat. Cry.Ing "Lost in my mind""

Release date:29 May 2020 (ZIG ZAG)


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 Flavia Lazzarini steps up once again with a brand new release on Zig Zag!

Flavia Lazzarini “Lost in my mind” 

A quadruple dose of pleasure from Zig Zag here, as Flavia Lazzarini teams up once again with smooth and hypnothic singer after the incredible first shot “Stay Or Don’t Stay”(Zig Zag) which was a silky and breezy electro trip. “Lost in My Mind” highlights the incredible Lazzarini’s formula made of dark attitude mixed with sizzling electro warmth with unsurprisingly sumptuous results. A record aimed at contemporary underground dancefloors. The revisions included in the EP make this “12 have three alternative stunning lives. Disco scalpel Massimo Berardidelivers a soft and bouncy dub version full of heart and soul. On the flip side, Re-Tide crafts a lively, hi-nrg gem that makes you want to shake your bones loose, while Musta’s remix is pure soulful attitude loaded of percussive force. Powerful stuff to set any dancefloor ablaze.