Maxero  "Melancholic Cowbow"

Release date:10 December 2021 (Mr Disc)



 Flavia Lazzarini steps up once again with a brand new release on Mr Disc Organization!

MAXERO (Mr Disc Organization)
This EP is going to be something so exciting for the Mr Disc and real italo-disco purist.
Digging the huge label’s warehouse it happened that old tapes were found. Songs written and recorded in the early ‘80s and never produced or released before. Until today.
It comes that the tunes included in this EP are some of those and the Maxero project finally sees the light.
“Silenced By You” and “Melancholy Cowboy” reveal their pure italo-disco roots and are re-arranged to spin on clubs and have a privileged place on collector’s shelves.
Maxero is pressed on vinyl and available to pre-order on and on digital exclusively on Juno Download
Out On December 10!
“Silenced By You” is a massive neon-lit stomping synth-filled jam remixed by “nu italo-disco” sensation Mind Enterprises .
Brothers in Lows instead provide a mystical rendition of the tune.
On the flipside, “Melancholy Cowboy” is the perfect cosmic seductive retro-future lick ready for an inspiring car trip in the middle of nowhere, crafted by Brother In Lows and Flavia Lazzarini who deliver two different sides of such a romantic vision.
A Must-have finally available after decades!
Mr Disc Organization is a label of Goody Music Production